Photos tell stories

Any place we visit, any person we share a journey with, or any road we hit for reaching a destination has its unique story. I am sharing some of the stories I have found interesting through my camera.



In summer 2017 I bought a drone and traveled around the mainland of Norway and Svalbard to capture the aerial portraits of Norwegian glaciers. The intention of the project was to get a little attention of us, people, who are living far away from glaciers but our life style has impact on them. Many studies in the field of psychology of climate change have shown that giving environmental messages through fearfull images are largely ineffective due to powerlessness feeling that such images bring. That motivated me to raise the awareness by simply showing how beautiful are these glaciers, specially when captured from less seen aerial angle.



In February 2019 I stayed at the road administration station at the south of Iran for one night, and witnessed and documented more than 10 workers busy the whole night to  keep the the road open for rare midnight passengers.


Winter activities in Iran

Winter activities is probably not the first coming to our mind when we hear “Iran”. Growing up there, I know many friends who do skiing, ski touring, and ice climbing. In the past couple of winters I have traveled to Iran to cover such activities, which are seldom covered by media.