Fading Beauties

Aerial portraits of Norwegian glaciers

In the beginning of the 2000s, retreating glaciers started to emerge in the news: from Khombo valley in Himalaya to the Larsen Ice Shelf in Antarctica media was talking about shrinking glaciers due to global warming. The glaciers for me, at that point, were just some names, very far away and outside of my imagination. Finally in June 2008, during a summer trip in the middle of Norway, I could stare at a glacier for the first time; wild, mysterious, blue, curvy, full of shadows and highlights, its unique features struck me. Later, in the summer of 2013 I got the opportunity to hike in the Swiss Alps and see many glaciers from the high peaks. Looking at the glaciers from the aerial view provided by the Alpine peaks, I found the patterns, shapes and features of glaciers differently attractive. So in summer 2017, I got my first drone and traveled around Norway and captured aerial portraits of some of the country’s glaciers to celebrate their beauty.

The story got published in the Norwegian magazine Dagens Næringsliv in March 2018. See the online version here and the pdf here (it is in Norwegian).

Here is a very short video footage of the project: