I started exploring the outdoor world when I joined the mountaineering club at my bachelor studies in Tehran. Later, when I moved to Sweden for pursuing my studies, a compact camera joined my outdoor exploration. In 2011, when Norway with its spectacular mountains and fjords became my base, I bought my first DSLR and outdoor photography became a passion. In the beginning my photography was just about capturing an adventurous moment, or significant landscape, which is still the main body of my portfolio. But gradually I have become more interested in the storytelling power of photography. Besides enjoying the adventure life, I am also concerned about the environmental crisis and social inequality (within a country and globally). So these days I am mostly focusing on defining and conducting photo essays that tell a story by combining elements of nature, outdoor life, environmental issues and social inequality. Still much to learn!

As a freelancer I shoot for customers on assignment or conduct personal projects and publish photo essays in magazines. If you have any assignment or have any photo inquiry feel free to contact me.