Iran Photo Tour

Mesr desert - Photo by: Ali Matinfar

Mesr desert - Photo by: Ali Matinfar

Dates: 17-26 January 2019
(If the dates do not fit your schedule, I can arrange a tour led by photographers I collaborate with, for your desired dates)

Available: 3 spots
Price (per person): 3000 EUR (28000 NOK)
For booking or questions email


  • Professional photography and location guiding

  • 9 nights accommodation in twin bed room or local house (booking single room is also possible, with extra charge)

  • Transportation to/from the airport and during the tour

  • All breakfasts

  • Entrance fees to heritage sites and historical palaces

Not included

  • Flight to Iran

  • Lunchs, dinners, snacks and drinks

  • Visa fees

  • Travel insurance


Day 1 - Arrival (Sat, 17 Feb): You will most probably arrive very early in the morning at Imam Khomeini Airport. We meet at the airport and then drive to north of Tehran for breakfast. Then we visit and take photos of some historical palaces in Tehran. Aerial photography of the city from Milad tower is another activity of the first day. 
Day 2 - We drive 4 hours to Maranjab desert, spend the evening to take photos of sandy hills and the sunset over the desert horizons. Then we make a tent and shoot the stars. 
Day 3 - We drive 4 hours to Esfahan. The rest of the day we relax after previous intense days. 
Day 4 - We drive 3 hours towards snowy landscapes in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari and spend the whole day taking winter shots. 
Day 5 - We drive along the Zagros mountains to Yasuj, visiting and taking photos of various villages and landscapes. 
Day 6 - We drive 2 hours to Shiraz, relaxing a bit after the previous intense days. 
Day 7 - We visit and photograph historical palaces of Shiraz from 5 centuries ago. 
Day 8 - We drive towards North, visiting and taking photos of Perspolis and Pasargad along the way; these are 2500 years old monuments. We stay in Esfahan for the night. 
Day 9 - We visit some historical palaces of Esfahan from 4 centuries ago and take photos inside the palaces and also in the Naqshe Jahan square. 
Day 10 - We drive to Tehran. The rest of the day we spend time in various locations for shooting cityscapes. We then drive to the airport as your return flight will most probably be in the midnight. 

Note: The itinerary may change due to weather conditions, but we will experience the same patterns of landscapes and cities under any situation. 

Maranjab desert - Photo by: Arash Karimi

Maranjab desert - Photo by: Arash Karimi

what to bring

Photography Gear: 
Camera – Any camera is welcome. However, for the nightscape photography in the desert a DSLR or mirrorless is recommended. 
Lenses – The kit lens would suffice but a wide lens (e.g. 12-24) for architecture photography would be complementary. 
Tripod – A firm tripod for nightscape photography
Filters – An intensifier filter would make nightscape photos more appealing. 
Cable release – Cable or remote camera release or wireless mobile adapter, for long exposures
Lens cleaning – It can be rainy or snowy. Also some locations are exposed to sand. A combination of lens wipes and dry cleaning tissues is therefore recommended. 
Storage – Bring extra memory cards or portable hard disks. 
Battery - Although we often have access to power, one extra battery is recommended. 

Clothing: As the description of tour suggests, you will experience various seasons and wide range of temperature. Night time in some places can reach -10 Celsius degrees and day time may reach up to 20-25 degrees. Precipitation is hard to predict, in 10 days it can rain, snow or sometimes it can be sunny all the time. So, warm and waterproof clothes are recommended alongside some light spring clothes and sunglasses. For the tenting in the desert you should brings your own warm sleeping bag.

Persepolis - Photo by: Mohsen Anvaari

Persepolis - Photo by: Mohsen Anvaari

Persepolis - Photo by: Mohsen Anvaari

Persepolis - Photo by: Mohsen Anvaari

practical info

Visa: Citizens of all countries (except USA, UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) holding a valid ordinary passports and wishing to visit Iran mainland, can obtain a 30-day Tourist Visa Upon Arrival at several airports including Tehran Imam Khomeini (IKA). However, it may take 3-4 hours to receive a visa at the airport. We therefore recommend you to get a visa at your home country for more convinience. For more details or info about visa for excluded nationalities visit here

Travel insurance: Travel insurance is mandatory. The insurance is recommended to cover any medical emergencies or accidents during and in transit to the tour, flight cancelation, and loss/damage to your luggage and photography gear.

Snow sliding in Zagros mountains - Photo by: Mohsen Anvaari

Snow sliding in Zagros mountains - Photo by: Mohsen Anvaari